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Gen­eral Rum­mage Sale questions

  1. Is this only used items?

    NO, we have many fam­i­lies and busi­ness sell­ing all sorts of items, Old and New
  2. How should I price my items?

    Pric­ing is totally up to you. Cus­tomers drive from miles around to shop at our sales, to find a bar­gain, so they expect one. I would sug­gest start­ing at or around half the cost you paid for the item, if that is real­is­tic. Check on ebay, or in the local paper to see what items of that sort are sell­ing for. If your items hasn’t sold by 11am or so, I would lower my price. You can always ask for con­tact infor­ma­tion from your cus­tomer, in case you decide to come down on the price. Or write on your price, Nego­tiable or OBO (or best offer)

    Another good way to set your price, is to ask your­self, what would you pay for it?

  3. Are my items safe overnight?

    We offer our ven­dors the oppor­tu­nity to setup the day before the sale, as a con­ve­nience. These build­ings are secure facil­i­ties, with an alarm sys­tem and pol­icy mon­i­tored at night. Your wel­come to stay there until the build­ing is locked. I would rec­om­mend bring­ing a sheet or table cloth to drape over your items, to keep them from plain sight. I also would not leave any cash, or any­thing espe­cially valu­able. We always try to keep an eye out for shop lift­ing, but we can­not watch everyone’s pos­ses­sions at all times.

    Your items are your respon­si­bil­ity. You are cer­tainly to use your own judg­ment when leav­ing your items unattended.

  4. Will there be some­one to help me unload?

    No. Unload­ing your items are your respon­sili­bity. If you are elderly or female and have heavy items, please bring a per­son with you that can help with unloading.

  5. I have a busi­ness. Can I participate?

    Yes. Busi­ness are wel­come to par­tic­i­pate, and encour­aged to donate a door prize.

  6. Can I receive a refund?

    Refund pol­icy — If you have to can­cel, or can­not make the event due to con­flicts in your sched­ule, you have a few options:

    With 30 Cal­en­dar Day notice, we will give you a full refund on request.With 3 weeks notice, prior to sale date, we will give you a 75% refund, or a full credit for our next sale­With 2 weeks notice, prior to sale date, we will give you a 50% refund, or a full credit for our next sale­Less than 2 weeks notice, no refund issued, but we will issue a full credit for our next sale. Less than 2 days notice, no refund and no credit. Full credit for next sale means, we will give you a credit to use at our next event (at your same loca­tion) for equiv­a­lent value. Exam­ple –If you spent $15 for Lau­rel Sale, we will give you $15 credit at our next sale in Lau­rel MS. Credit must be used at the NEXT event (in your loca­tion) and only done per request.

  7. What should I bring to the sale?

    Please review our check­list here.

  8. Where do you Advertise?

    We adver­tise in all sorts of places. See our adver­tis­ing page for a detailed list of places we adver­tise, and to rec­om­mend another adver­tis­ing source. Click here to go to our Adver­tis­ing page.

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Mobile Sale, Abba Shrine

  1. What Size are the tables?

    These are Ban­quet size fold out tables.… 8ft

    There will be 3 ft behind your table also for your use

  2. I need access to power out­let. will this be available?

    yes, the tables along side of the walls have power outlets

    those are Sec­tions A, SEc­tions E, and Sec­tions 1-B and 1-D

    if you choose a table in those sec­tions, please bring an exten­tion cord

    and make a com­ment on your Rental form that your table be near an outlet

  3. Will there be air con­di­tion­ing? Heater?

    Yes, This is indoors. Heated in win­ter, and Cooled dur­ing sum­mer. You may bring a fan if you feel it will make you more com­fort­able and you have rented a table with power access.

  4. Can I use the area under my table?

    Yes, You may use the area under your table, and/or behind your table. Rub­ber­maids work well, as well as boxes, or other types of con­tain­ers to store items.

  5. What if I have furniture?

    If you have fur­ni­ture, you may sell it from your area if it can be stored within the 3ft space behind your table, and not inter­fere with the shop­ping isle or neigh­bor. We have avail­able space for large items at the foot of the stage area. Charge is $2 per item. Please rent a table near the stage so you can be avail­able for cus­tomer inquires.

  6. Can I bring a cloth­ing rack?

    Yes, altho Hang­ing racks come in all shapes and sizes. Small hang­ing racks are per­mit­ted. If you are bring­ing a large com­mer­cial rack, please rent a space by the wall, if avail­able, so you do not block shop­ping isles or your neigh­bor. If your rack takes up the length of a table, you may need to rent a space for your rack.

    Please use good judg­ment and rent accord­ingly. Remem­ber, if you are using a hang­ing rack, this rack has to go in “your” space. You will have 3ft of space behind your table to use as you wish. You will have to adjust your area accord­ingly. Hang­ing racks will only be Rented to those who have first reserved a table.


  7. Can I drive my vehi­cle inside to Unload?

    Vehi­cles are allowed to drive in on the day before the sale, Fri­day. No trail­ers or other larger vehi­cles will be allowed inside. We will allow up to 10 vehi­cles in at one time, and rotate on a 15–20 minute rota­tion. You should start with your heavy items first. You may also use the side entrance and park­ing lot to walk in your light wieght items. We have dollys we offer for use as well.

    No vehi­cles will be allowed inside on Sat­ur­day morning.

  8. I want a spe­cific table for the next sale. How can I make sure I get it?

    Ven­dors are encouaraged to reserve their tables at the end of each sale, for the next sale. If you have an area you want to be in, go ahead and book your table before you leave, for the next upcom­ing sale. Tables are rented on a first come, first serve basis. The fur­ther in advance you reg­is­ter, the bet­ter the selection.

  9. Will chairs be provided?

    Yes. We have metal fold­out chairs avail­able for use. You may help your­self to them, but please return them before you leave.

  10. What time can I set-up?

    Setup times range from 3pm — 7pm, the day before the sale. See our Floor­plan for your des­ig­nated time to arrive. Ven­dors may also setup on the day of the sale, from 7am — 9am. Remem­ber, No vehi­cles are allowed inside the build­ing on Saturday.

  11. Can I move my tables?

    No. Unless you have signed up for a space along the wall, where you have alit­tle more flex­i­bil­ity. Those mid­dle tables in sec­tions “B” “C” and “D” are not to be moved. We have them mea­sured to cre­ate a spe­cific amount of space for shop­ping isles, for cus­tomers with spe­cial needs, such as wheel chairs and strollers. We appre­ci­ate your under­stand­ing in this.

  12. Where is the Abba Shrine Cen­ter located?

    The Abba Shrine cen­ter is located at 7701 Hitt road, Mobile AL 36695. You may get direc­tions by call­ing 251–533-5195

    (Cor­ner of Schillinger and Hitt Road. South of Wal­mart and North of Grelot)

  13. How is the Floor­plan layed out? How many tables are in a section?

    With the excep­tion of those tables along the wall, Most sec­tions include 12 tables, 5 on each side, and 2 on the end. Sec­tion appear sim­il­iar to a large rec­tan­gle, with ven­dor on one side of table, and cus­tomer on another. We do have a few “D” sec­tions that are smaller, and con­sist of fewer tables.

    Please see our floor­plan on the Rent space tab.

  14. Will there be access to wire­less internet?

    Yes. Abba Shrine has access to wire­less inter­net. You may bring your lap­top if you wish. This is also ben­e­fi­cial if you plan to accept credit card trans­ac­tions via the internet.

  15. Do I have to setup on Friday?

    No. The build­ing is open on Sat­ur­day morn­ing from 7am-9am for setup. You may setup on Sat­ur­day, Just keep in mind that there will be no vehi­cles allowed inside the build­ing on Saturday.

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Lau­rel, MS — Mag­no­lia Center

  1. How large will my booth be?

    Booths are 10x10. 10ft across and 10ft deep.

  2. Will a table be provided?

    No. Ven­dors are to fur­nish their own tables, unless oth­er­wise stated.

    RentAll of Lau­rel usu­ally has some for rent. Con­tact them for pricing.

  3. Will I have power access?

    There are power access along the wall of the build­ing. Those booths that have power access will be marked on the floor plan. If you need power access, be sure to rent a booth accord­ingly. Also, bring an exten­sion cord.

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Brookhaven, MS — Lin­coln Civic Center

  1. Is this sale indoors?

    No. This sale is under a Huge Cov­ered Pavillion.The Lin­coln Civic Cen­ter is a nice, new Facil­ity with access to Restrooms and Con­ces­sion. Please view our pho­tos on the Pho­tos tab to see Pic­tures of the Facil­ity. We will have the sale, Rain or shine.

  2. When is set-up?

    Setup is Sat­ur­day morn­ing, from 6am-9am for all 10x10 spaces. Your spaces will be labeled with your name on them, and booth #.

    For all 10x10 enclosed Booths, setup is Fri­day from 3pm-7pm. Your items can be locked up for overnight safe keeping.

  3. Do I have to pay Taxes?

    Yes. The City of Brookhaven has required us to col­lect 7% sales tax on all sold items and report for each vendor.

    You may call them with ques­tions. MS state Tax Com­mis­sion 601.833.4761

    Here is the Form that is required for each Ven­dor / Fam­ily to Sub­mit the day of the event

    http://www.myrummagesales.com/IRS Tax Document.pdf

  4. Where is the Lin­coln Civic Cen­ter located?

    Direc­tions: 1096 Belt Line Dr NE Brookhaven, MS 39601. Link below. Click on Find us.


  5. Are tables provided?

    Depend­ing on if you rented a 10x10 stall / booth, or a 10x10 space.

    10x10 stalls / Booths include one free 6ft table rental.

    All 10x10 spaces are just space. You pro­vide your own tables.

    We plan to have 6ft ban­quet tables avail­able for rent for only $5.

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  1. Can I donate left­over items?

    Yes, We will have a local char­ity present for any dona­tions. It is your respons­bil­ity to bring your dona­tions to the des­ig­nated area / Truck.

    You may never leave donated items in your area. It is each vendor’s respon­si­bil­ity to leave a clean area, when the sale has ended. Free of dona­tions and Trash. A clean­ing fee will be imposed to those who do not leave a clean area.

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Door prizes

  1. I want to donate a door prize. How does this work?

    To encour­age shop­pers, we ask each ven­dor with a busi­ness, home-based or a shop, to donate a door prize. We give away door prizes each hour of our sale, first being 10am, and end­ing at 2pm. This helps us grow our mail­ing list, and gives you the opporunity to get on the Mic and adver­tise your items.

    There will be a Door­prize Signup sheet avail­able. You sign up for a time to come up and give away your door prize. You will be given the opporunity to adver­tise your items for sale, 2–3 min, draw a num­ber, and give away your door prize. This can be alot of fun. If you are too bash­ful to speak on the Mic, I will do it for you. This is a great way to make a few sales, and get the word out about your business.

  2. Is there a dol­lar Amount required for the doorprize?

    No, We leave that to your dis­cre­tion. Remem­ber, you are mak­ing an impres­sion with your cus­tomers, so you want it to be a good one, so they will come back to you when they are ready to order.

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Food and Drink — Concession

  1. Can I sell Food or Drink?

    No, Unless oth­er­wise state, Ven­dors may not sell food or drink (unless you have rented the con­ces­sion area)

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Clean — up Fee

  1. Is there a clean-up fee?

    No, if you leave a clean area.

    You may never leave donated items or trash, boxes, etc in your area. It is each vendor’s respon­si­bil­ity to leave a clean area, when the sale has ended. Free of dona­tions and Trash.

    All garbage and trash boxes, etc. are to be placed in the dump­ster, boxes bro­ken down and flattened.

    A $10.00 clean­ing fee per table or booth will be imposed to those who do not leave a clean area.

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Christ­mas Sales

  1. Is the Christ­mas sale restricted to only Christ­mas items?

    No, You may sell any sea­son cloth­ing or items you choose. Please be sure to read our rules and reg­u­la­tions for banned items.

  2. How is the Christ­mas sale dif­fer­ent from the other sales?

    We think Christ­mas is a won­der­ful time of year, and want to cel­e­brate that. We encour­age our ven­dors to dress in Christ­mas hats, cloth­ing, dec­o­rate their tables by using Christ­mas col­ors, and sell Christ­mas related decor. We often play Christ­mas music, some­times have live per­for­mances, and even Santa Claus! It is a fun expe­ri­ence for every­one, and a great way to make some Christ­mas money for your family.

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Sales Tax

  1. Should I charge Sales Tax on my items?

    All gov­ern­ment per­mit­ting required of Ven­dor shall be the respon­si­bil­ity of Ven­dor (includes sales tax require­ments by the State or City). Whether or not you charge Sales tax on your items is between you and the State of AL / MS, or the City of the event unless instructed otherwise.

    Unless oth­er­wise stated, we will not col­lect Sales tax from each vendor.

    If you are not sell­ing used items (that have already been taxed) and you have a busi­ness, you should report your sales taxes under your Fed­eral Tax ID num­ber issued by the state.

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Still have ques­tions? Feel free to Con­tact Us