Check List — Helpful Tips

Here are a few things to keep in Mind while prepar­ing  your items for the Rum­mage sale

  • BRING CHANGE. Get a roll of quar­ters, Plen­ty $10 $5 $1 bills. Do this two days before the sale, so that if you for­get, you can still get the change on the day before.
  • Be pre­pared. Be ready to go the night before so that you don’t have to rush around in the morn­ing.  As a gen­er­al rule of thumb, $50 is usu­al­ly a suf­fi­cient amount of cash on hand, as quar­ters and small bills
  • Peo­ple go to Rum­mage sales because they want a good deal. Make sure they get one
  • Plan your sale lay­out with cus­tomers in mind. Use mar­ket­ing tricks to make your cus­tomers more like­ly to pur­chase your stuff!
  • Label things well.  Box­es with cheap misc. things in them draw atten­tion. Mark with a sign every­thing 1.00 each or 50 cents each
  • Mark a price on you items. Lots of good items are passed over because some­one will not ask or they thought an item would be more. Make it easy for your cus­tomer.
  • Bring some bags for your shop­pers, gro­cery bags, etc. or news­pa­per to wrap frag­ile items.
  • Bring an exten­sion cord for pow­er access in case, but be sure it is not a trip­ping haz­ard
  • Drape a sheet over any items that are not for sale, or to avoid ear­ly shop­pers.
  • Be friend­ly. Greet peo­ple as they arrive — chat if they’re chat­ty.
  • Do not bad-mouth your items. Be hon­est about any defects.
  • Be will­ing to bar­gain, but be less flex­i­ble at the start.
  • Keep a ledger. Jot down a descrip­tion of each item and how much you sold it for.
  • Do not use a cash box. Keep your mon­ey on you at all times. Nev­er leave mon­ey in plain view. Buy a cute apron or some­thing with eas­i­ly-acces­si­ble pock­ets.
  • Always keep an eye out for shoplifters. Bring a friend or rel­a­tive to help keep an eye on your items, also for con­ces­sion and bath­room breaks
  • Make sure all your items are clean, free of stains, and in good work­ing con­di­tion.
  • Make it easy for shop­pers to test elec­tron­ic items. If you’re sell­ing elec­tri­cal items, make sure you have an exten­sion cord handy so that peo­ple can test them
  • If you have any break­ables, col­lec­tables, etc. be sure to dis­play them on a stur­dy table and out of reach of chil­dren.
  • Make sure your dis­play is orga­nized and tidy; cus­tomers will be turned off by messi­ness or by hav­ing to do too much search­ing to find what they want
  • Con­sid­er donat­ing your left­overs to char­i­ty
  • Relax and enjoy your­self. If you are too impa­tient you will dri­ve off sales, let peo­ple look, be help­ful but don’t hov­er.

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