If you would like to can­cel your booth for the rum­mage sale, here is our can­cel­la­tion pol­i­cy. Please fill out this form.

Refund pol­icy — I am sorry.…no refunds.
you can always gift your booths to a friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber to use if you are not able to attend. You do not need to noti­fy me of this if its a last minute change. Your loved ones would just need to find your booth with your name on it and occu­py that booth num­ber dur­ing the sale.

You may fill out the ven­dor form to can­cel the booth below.

I start­ed with city wide last Nov. and have had a great time and made mon­ey and new friends. Beth and her hus­band do a great job with plan­ning and set up. If you clean­ing out or down­siz­ing and would like to sell your “stuff” the rum­mage sale is a great place to do it. We are look­ing for­ward the Nov sale. hap­py ven­dor
great time and made mon­ey and new friends