Vendor setup Instructions:

Hel­lo Ven­dors.  IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ!!!

Our rum­mage sale is only a few days away, and I want­ed to send a few notes in prepa­ra­tion for the sale. Remem­ber we do not fur­nish tables and chairs. PLEASE do not for­get to share with your friends, fam­i­ly, church, and invite every­one with your Face­book events and sta­tus updates.  All of this plays a big part in remind­ing peo­ple to come and shop.
I have sev­er­al links below that cov­ers most every­thing with setup/ unload­ing / etc, but I want­ed to high­light a few things.

We only have a few of booths available..going very fast. Online booths are avail­able until late Wednes­day and any remain­ing booths left, will be rent­ed in per­son Thurs and Fri­day nights dur­ing ven­dor set­up in cash. 

SETUP TIMES: Thurs­day and Fri­day, between 5:30pm — 8pm, and Sat­ur­day from 7am-9am.  Thurs­days is the best day to set­up arriv­ing around 6:30pm, as there seems to be less peo­ple on Thurs­days.
You will be allowed to dri­ve inside the build­ing to unload your items on Thurs­day and Fri­day.  You may not pull up to your booth.
We will allow 5–8 cars inside the build­ing at one time, 15 min­utes to unload, then the next cars in line may pull in.
Remem­ber to unload FIRST, move your vehi­cle, then Set­up your booth, so that oth­ers can fol­low with their vehi­cle. Please bring a dol­ly if you have access to one.

On Sat­ur­day, event day, all ven­dors are asked to park way out on grass to leave park­ing lot open for shop­pers, If shop­pers dont have park­ing, they will leave. This is for your best inter­est. There is PLENTY park­ing on the grass, park way out as far as you can to leave plen­ty of room for oth­ers to park in along side of you. We have had a prob­lem in the past with mak­ing one long line of cars, and no one leav­ing an entrance or exit. Please use some com­mon sense and make ROWS out on the grass so oth­ers can get in and out. 

All ven­dors MUST be at their booth by 8am on Sat­ur­day. if you are not at your booth on Sat­ur­day by 8am, we will con­sid­er you a no show and your booth will be avail­able for rent. No refunds will be giv­en.
Side doors will be closed ear­ly on Sat­ur­day to avoid ear­ly shop­pers sneak­ing in and shop lift­ing. You may use the back entrance to load in until 9am.

ITEMS TO BRING:  Please remem­ber, we do not fur­nish tables or chairs.  You need to bring is your change $$ for your cus­tomers, your table cloth for your table, bags for your cus­tomers, Garbage bag for your trash etc. if you signed up for a booth with pow­er, bring an exten­sion cord to reach the near­est out­let.
See link below for a check­list.

RULES:  You may not sell any type weapon, includ­ing knives. No ani­mal sales, No food or drink sales of any kind. Con­ces­sion will be avail­able.
In an effort to pro­tect our­selves, we have a new hold harm­less agree­ment. Every­one will be asked to sign this, as well as a copy of our rules before the sale.

We have spent alot in adver­tis­ing.  Look for our yard signs through­out lau­rel and our ads in Impact as well as a lot of the local news­pa­pers!
We fore­cast a great turnout, as we always have; how­ev­er we can always use your word of mouth adver­tis­ing.  You can help by let­ting your friends and fam­i­ly know, as well as shar­ing on Face­book. WORD OF MOUTH will beat any paid adver­tis­ing, hands down!


Good Samar­i­tan (NUTS) cen­ter will be join­ing us at the close of the sale for dona­tions.  It is your respon­si­bil­i­ty to put the dona­tions on the truck. They can write a tax receipt upon request. 

It is your respon­si­bil­i­ty to leave a clean booth at the end of the sale.  Break down any box­es and put trash in des­ig­nat­ed trash bins.  Bro­ken items and large unsold items are to be tak­en back home with you.  There will be a cleanup fee, $10 per booth, to those who do not clean up their booth and leave in the order it was giv­en to them. 

We will do all we can to dis­cour­age shop lift­ing but at the end of the day, YOU are respon­si­ble for your items. do not leave them unat­tend­ed. Wait until Sat­ur­day to bring any­thing high­ly valu­able. NEVER leave mon­ey on your table or your purse in sight.  Always keep your mon­ey on you.. pock­ets etc to dis­cour­age any­one from being tempt­ed to pick­up. Hope­ful­ly we will not have a prob­lem with this in the future.

If you need to can­cel, you can read our can­cel­la­tion  pol­i­cy online or click on this link. I will not be giv­ing refunds. I can­not make a prof­it on this event and refund every­one’s booth last minute due to an unfore­seen emer­gency. I have rental expense, adver­tis­ing and lots of mon­ey invest­ed in this event. its not fair to me to email a few days pri­or and expect a refund.  You MAY sell your booth to a friend or rel­a­tive, or gift it to you a non­prof­it or your church. 

Email is the very best form of con­tact for me.