South MS Fair Commission sponsored event

Guys we have a small announce­ment.  Our City-Wide Rum­mage sale at the Mag­no­lia cen­ter will now be a South MS Fair spon­sored event.  We made this deci­sion for sev­er­al rea­son, includ­ing tax­es and lia­bil­i­ties.  We will try hard to make this a minor change and keep every­thing the same so the event remains a suc­cess­ful event to help the com­mu­ni­ty.  The state tax com­mis­sion has required us to make ven­dors fill out a tax form for all of our events mov­ing for­ward.  We will explain this in detailed at the Dec 6 event. No wor­ries, it is very sim­ple and should not be a big issue.  Email me with any ques­tions at  Also mov­ing for­ward all booth rentals have to be rent­ed thru the web­site and no booths will be held with­out pay­ment.  I have had repeat offend­ers on the web­site reg­is­ter­ing for booths and not send­ing in their pay­ment with­in the 5 busi­ness days.…. So I had to dis­con­tin­ue this. You can still mail in your pay­ment, how­ev­er the booth will not be reserved for you until I receive the mon­ey order.  I am excit­ed to see you all again at our Christ­mas sale Dec 6.