August 10 sale sold out

As of this moment, we are cur­rent­ly sold out of booths for the August 10 sale at the Mag­no­lia cen­ter. We have sev­er­al booths pend­ing pay­ment. In the event pay­ment isn’t received, I will be mark­ing these back for rent. We also have can­cel­la­tions from time to time. So keep check­ing back. If you would like to be added to the wait­ing list and noti­fied in the event a booth becomes avail­able, email me at  In the sub­ject line put ” Wait­ing list for Aug sale” and in the body, list your name, phone, how many booths you will like. I will keep these and respond to those that have all the fol­low­ing info and in the order they are received.  Remem­ber, we have a Decem­ber sale and you can already reg­is­ter for that sale online. So if you wait­ed too long on the August sale, Go ahead and reg­is­ter for Decem­ber so you have your pick of the booths in front.  I will respond to emails as booths become avail­able.